Benefits of Membership

  • Ample time to talk to your provider.  Plan on spending more time in the exam room than the waiting room

  • Testing and treatment based on your health goals.  Don't like taking pills?  Lets talk about ways we can improve your health without medication.  In certain situations medication is truly needed​ and we want to sit down and talk over all of your concerns surrounding treatment and options.  We will never force you to take medicine you do not want to take.  But we will educate you on why certain situations may require intervention with medications.  Then we let you have the final decision as to what direction your treatment will go. 

  • Select medications available at low cost.  We offer select medications at cost for our members!  Avoid one additional stop at the pharmacy by taking advantage of our on hand medication supply.

  • We offer medical care to families who delay or do not immunize for various reasons.  We believe it is your choice whether or not to immunize your children.  We also believe that unimmunized children still need well child checks and medical care when they are ill, and should never be turned away due to lack of immunizations.  If you find yourself on the fence about immunizing your children we would be more than happy to sit down and discuss your concerns and thoughts on vaccines. 

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